Avau - Better Off (Live Session)
Avau - Nothing At All (Official Music Video)
Avau feat. Suntje - Elephant (Official Music Video)
Avau - Brother (Official Music Video)
Avau - We Found Love (DIFFUS - Live Session)
Avau feat. Suntje - Elephant (DIFFUS - Live Session)
Avau - Torn And Broken (Official Music Video)
Avau - Torn and Broken (Acoustic Session)
Avau - Silver Souls (Official Music Video)




After years of being a musician, writer and producer for other artists, I finally get to start my own independent solo project called "AVAU" only supported by people who I love and trust. I will share my thoughts and all the stuff I've learned on YouTube in weekly Videos. These videos contain vlogs, music videos or making offs. I can't wait to see how this community will evolve and finally where this idea is heading to.